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"Kumara Kowul Nada 2018"


Prince of Wales’ College Teacher Mr. Namal Sandaya Kumara's first children's short play.



141st anniversary of the school

The newly built swimming pool of our school was opened under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe

Up Comming Events

Annual Colours awording ceramony

The annual colours awording ceromoy for accadamic years 2017  will be held on end of the 2nd term.

Students who received provincial and all island achievements in the above years should immediately contact the POG or the Deputy POG together with the certificates.

First aid is based on 3 primary intentions. Namely, rescue a person who is faced with an accident from death, control the severity of the critical situation and providing the patient with comfort. The correct aid we provide to a person in distress till he/she is taken to a hospital is called First Aid. If incorrect aid is given due to the love, affection or attachment towards the casualty, it could result in his/her death. This is why the service of a first-aider proves to be invaluable. A first-aider is an experienced person who has undergone training from a legal institute and keeps training continuously. It is our responsibility to see that Cambrians turn out to be such responsible first-aiders.

The First Aid Unit operates as a daily service under the supervision of officers from the St. John’s Ambulance Corps. In the beginning, Mr. M.W. Sisira acted as the teacher-in-charge. Since 2002, our unit has developed rapidly. The number of trained students exceeds 250 while there are 5 trained teachers. There are about 10 students who have been trained as student officers in charge of the unit. The rest of the members of the unit receive practical training while carrying out daily services. We commence services at 6:45 a.m. and on special occasions, the unit is open till 4:30 p.m.

Amongst our services are, treating the students who have fallen ill or have faced an accident, directing them to hospital services, providing necessary opportunities to learn about developing healthy day-to-day habits, normalizing backward students through counseling services.

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