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"Kumara Kowul Nada 2018"


Prince of Wales’ College Teacher Mr. Namal Sandaya Kumara's first children's short play.



141st anniversary of the school

The newly built swimming pool of our school was opened under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe

Up Comming Events

Annual Colours awording ceramony

The annual colours awording ceromoy for accadamic years 2017  will be held on end of the 2nd term.

Students who received provincial and all island achievements in the above years should immediately contact the POG or the Deputy POG together with the certificates.

  The primary section of Prince of Wales’ college was established as a separate school named continues Kumara Swabhasha Vidayalaya in 1876 but now it the primary section of Prince of Wales’ College.

          Present Section head is Mrs. Damayanthi De Silva. They are altogether 36 teachers in the primary section including sectional head of the primary section 27 class teachers, 4 English teachers and 5 teachers who are paid buy the school development society.

They are 5 grade heads in the primary section. 

·       Grade 01 - Mrs. Amitha Katuwawala.

·       Grade 02 - Mrs. Proboda Rodrigo.

·       Grade 03 – Mrs. Sugandika Perera.

·       Grade 04 – Mr. Chamith Jayanuwan.

·       Grade 05 – Mrs. Imali De Silva.

primary Principal - Mrs. Damayanthi De Silva


         1210 students are studying in 30 classes from grade 1 to grade 5 in the primary section. Among them 60 are primary prefects.


Functions and activities organized by the primary section.

1.     Intake of the grade 1 students for the year 2017

2.     Selection of the primary prefects and there felicitation ceremony.

3.     Sports meet of the primary section.

4.     New year festival of the primary section.

5.     Sil observation programme and alms giving.

6.     Alms giving to celebrate the 141st school anniversary.


Functions and activities to be organized.

1.     Children’s Day.

2.     Teacher’s Day.

3.     Christmas Carols.

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